About the Mad Doctors

Otherwise known as authors L.C. Hu and Die Booth, the Mad Doctors regularly terrorise each other from opposite ends of the globe. We dreamed (or should I say, nightmared?) this project up after one too many conversations lamenting the state of modern horror.

Die Booth is a fan of pencil notes, analogue film and making your own magic. An award-winning writer who works mainly in the horror and fantasy genres, Die likes to seek out the illusive in the ordinary and lift the veil of everyday life. You can visit Die at diebooth.wordpress.com.

L.C. Hu is a curious collection of contradictions: an art major who prefers to write, a cat-lover allergic to cats, a fan of rules who hates being told what to do. L.C.’s favourite sort of horror is the psychological kind that makes you doubt your own goodness. Also, cannibals. (Drat, we should have done some for Re-Vamp!)  Visit L.C. at elsiewho.wordpress.com.

You can contact The Mad Doctors of Literature via die[dot]booth[at]gmail[dot]com

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