About the Contributors

Re-Vamp’s contributing authors:

Adrian Benson lives in Chester, U.K.

He has been a full time writer for the past two years.

He has completed one novel and is working in a thoroughly haphazard fashion on four others.

His shorter fiction and poetry can be found at: somewhenelse.blogspot.com

Tessa J. Brown lives and writes in Montreal, Quebec. In a previous life, she acquired an MA in philosophy, which has so far availed her little. She has worked as an ESL instructor, a tutor, a teaching assistant and a waitress: writing horror was the inevitable conclusion. All of her jobs are aimed at making rent and occasionally even buying food (when she isn’t skipping both to fly to Europe and stay in hostels – yet more material for horror stories). Still, she always finds a way to shirk her duties for the sake of writing.

Milla Galea lives her life as one giant story, which she’s sometimes in control of but mostly not. She lives in Melbourne with her cat, her boyfriend and some chickens, and blames her grandmother for her obsession with compulsive romance. She’s recently discovered that she quite likes drawing blood.

Claudia Glazzard was born in Chester and resides there still. She spends most of her time reading, exploring, watching fantastical films and even does a spot of music journalism on the side. One day she thinks she’ll write down some of the ideas she has for some stories as opposed to factual-based work but modern life keeps getting in the way.

Ensconced in Edinburgh, M. Harley spends her days dreaming and her nights writing into the far-too-small hours, for her urge to escape into transient other-worlds strikes deepest when the moon is rising. An avid amasser of inspirational imagery from mythical medieval tableaux to wild and ethereal landscapes, the collection that fuels her imagination can be found at glasshorses.tumblr.com.

David Hill lives in Chester with his wife, two children and a grandchild. To compensate for a career in Information Technology, he writes fiction for his own amusement. Occasionally this coincides with attendance at a writing group. It was on one of these rare occasions when he had done the homework that the “Twelve O’Clock Man” saw the light of day. He hopes you enjoy the story.

John Ivor Jones, 52, is employed as a manager in the property industry and has a lifelong interest in history and things that go bump in the night.  While he was working for the MOD in the UK, over eighty folks reported experiencing English Civil War phantoms, which left John curious ever since.  Based in North West England, John writes on a regular basis.

Tammy Lee is a writer, artist, and web developer who lives in Canada
and uses the long winters to think up scary stories. You can read more
about her at about.me/tammalee

Deirdre M. Murphy (@Wyld_Dandelyon) is a writer of speculative fiction, artist, musician, and cat-lover.  She has stories and poetry in venues including MZB’s Fantasy Magazine, Crossed Genres, With Painted Words, and Family Ties & Torn Skies as well as upcoming in Magicking in Traffic and Subversion.  You can find her stories and poetry at www.tornworld.net: a world with steam technology, unique temporal anomalies, deadly sea monsters, and mischievous snow-unicorns.  Her blog is at wyld_dandelyon.livejournal.com.

Michèle Rimmer grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s in Calcutta and later the Home Counties.

In the 1970’s she was a police officer in London’s Met, including the Vice and Fraud Squads. She subsequently worked as a private detective and other jobs while studying for a B.Sc. in Sociology and a M.Sc. in Industrial Relations (London School of Economics).

In the 1980’s she worked in financial services based in London and travelling widely.

For twenty years from 1990 having gained a M.Sc. in Psychological Counselling, she worked independently coaching board level executives.

She lives in North Wales with her husband and son and writes fiction.

J.T. Wilson finished bottom of his Chemistry class in 1993 yet retained enough interest in biology to dig up the deceased wrestler Chris Stone and return him to the land of the living in 2010. It was this detail which brought him to the attention of the Mad Doctors of Literature, who detected a kindred spirit. J.T. Wilson’s literary experiments include the 2010 novel Cemetery Drive and the 2011 novel Dark Side of Luna, the sixth in the Space 1889 And Beyond series. He lives in a ghastly ruin on a darkened hill with an unspeakable black entity called Cabaret. jtwilson.wordpress.com

Contributing artists:

Alexa and Rachael met and fell in love. They live in a house in Manchester with their two grumpy cats. When not hiding under an umbrella they can be found with cameras in hand taking pictures of anything and everything. They drink too much tea, own far too many vintage cameras and bore people at parties talking about ‘depth of field’.  Find them at www.lockandkeyphotography.com or www.facebook.com/lockandkeyphotography.

Vivian and Triska: Born under an inauspicious sign in the grimdark future, TV began life as a multi-tentacled multi-headed entity until a cataclysmic event rent them asunder and jettisoned them 40000 years into this present century. Eventually finding each other again, they discovered they still retained a love for pudding, pectoral flexing space Romans and glittery nailpolish. Today, in between alternately frightening and horrifying passersby, they use their incoherent scratchings to communicate with the strange beings around them with mixed results. Some of these scratchings may also be interpreted as those mysterious things called ‘art’ and ‘writing’. Their alternate universe doubles are living the high life as they gad across state lines, writing and drawing pulpy flexing-man fiction for their geekily discerning audience.

Lis Nemeth. Graphic designer gone art teacher. Shiny things and creepy dolls collector. Art-supply addict. Loves her red marker(s). Lives and works in Vienna. Is waiting for the (surely soon upcoming) zombie apocalypse, in which case she will make use of the vast knowledge she has gained through watching pretty much every zombie-movie known. And it will be glorious.

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