Spirit Houses by Die Booth – out now, Friday 13th!

Spirit Houses coverIt’s here! Spirit Houses by Die Booth has been released into the wild, today on Friday 13th 2013, and is now available to buy online:

The first limited-edition run of 50 signed and stamped copies sold out ahead of time and I would like to thank everyone who pre-ordered and has supported this book. You can now buy regular copies in paperback and e-book formats online  and don’t forget – if you missed out on the pre-order you can still buy Spirit Houses merchandise while stocks last.

If you read and enjoy Spirit Houses (or any book!), please do consider leaving a review for it somewhere online (its Goodreads page for example) because word-of-mouth is the single most valuable thing to an indie author (and you’ll also get instant good karma – fact!) If you buy a paperback copy, please do lend it to any friends you think might like it and most of all – I hope that you enjoy reading it.

Spirit Houses illustration